a dance company between 'now' and 'then'

Our inspiration is pre-romantic ballet or stage dance from the 17th and 18th century. We are following its aesthetics in terms of movement, staging, choreography. And yet, ​our work at the same time stays an expression of a 21st century artist.

Chorea Basileae is based in Basel (Switzerland) and directed by Mojca Gal.



When and where to see us:



Mojca Gal (Terpsicore) - Antonin Pinget (Amante) - Alberto Arcos (Gelosia) - Gudrun Skamletz (Vento)
Mojca Gal, choreography and dramaturgy
Gerrit Berenike Heiter, regie and pantomime
Philipp Grässle, scenery and requisites (Zürich)
costumes after period sketches from Louis-Renè Boquet (Mojca Gal), wigs partly kindly borrowed by dance company Esquivel


Danach hatte endlich Terpsichore ihren Aufritt. Der so kundige stilgetreue und zugleich charmant-sinnliche Zugang von Mojca Gal und die virtuose Umsetzung ihrer Truppe wird ebenso in Erinnerung bleiben, wie die virtuosen Gesangssolisten. /.../ Die Tanz- und Gesangsnummern verflechten sich zu einen charmanten Reigen barocker Künste auf höchstem zeitgenössischen Interpretations-Nivaeu. Ein hinreißendes Erlebnis.

DrehPunkKultur, HEIDEMARIE KLABACHER, Zur barocknacht 2019, Salzburg



Chorea Basileae was founded in 2016 for the first dance production 'The sleeping Beauty, a historical ballet'. In 2018, an opéra-ballet on the saga of King Arthur 'Of Kings, Gods and Demons', took place as a co-production with FAMB Basel. Spring season 2019 includes performances of Händel’s Terpsicore and a ballet pantomime ‘Midsummernight’s dream of a sculptor’, in theatre Rigiblick on 3th and 4th April in Zürich, with Zürcher Barockorchester, followed by performances in Salzburg in Austria, Potsdamer Festspiele Sanssouci (Germany), Bremen and London.



Mojca Gal (Slovenia) got in contact with historical dance during her violin studies at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in the class of Barbara Leitherer. Her former education in classical ballet enabled her to retake dance studies. In 2017 she finished her Complementary Studies of historical dance at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, with special interest on the theme of a dancing master, the embodiment of a violinist and a dancer. She also took lessons with Christine Bayle, Deda Christina Colonna, Marie-Geneviève Massé and Gilles Poirrier (among other during masterclasses as Nordic Baroque dancers Summer academy, De la plume a l'image, Accademie in Sable).  She was also given a Cramer sholarship for the Nordic Baroque Dancers' Academy 2015. Since January 2017 she is pursuing the education program of ISTD for the DDE/DDI Cecchetti Ballet Method, studying with Penelope Robinson Debatin. Her main focus is stage dance between 1650 and 1800. Here are to mention her dance productions with her company Chorea Basileae 'The sleeping Beauty' (2016), 'Von Koenigen, Goettern und Daemonen' on the saga of king Arthur (2018), Händel's Terpsichore) and a ballet pantomime 'Die neunte Muse' (2019). She will join the production of Merope (Innsbrucker Festspiele), directed by Sigrid T'Hooft, in summer 2019. She also performs with Ensemble Odysée (NL) and Freitagsakademie Bern. Mojca is also giving masterclasses and wokrshops (among other as a guest teacher at Music Academies such as Conservatory of Amsterdam, and Hochschule der Künste Bern).


Antonin Pinget (France/Switzerland) started with step dance with the age of seven in the class of internationally renowned dancer Costel Surbeck. Later on he learned social dance and historical dance with l’Association des Fêtes costumées de Genève, led by Yvonne Vart and Richard Powers, and specialized in baroque (learning from Alain Christen, Silvana Baumgartner, Christine Bayle, Ana Yepes). He also pursued education in contemporary dance and classical ballet (Christine König and Florence Faure). This year he is finishing his professional education in Dance Area in Geneva, where he works with different artists sucha as Hélène Roux, Yvette Regueiro, Juan Jimenez, Gérald Durand, Gil Harush, Mena Avolio, Mikal Mardas, Luanda Mori.


Gudrun Skamletz (Austria) lives in France since 1993, working as dancer, choreographer and teacher in the field of contemporary and historical dance. She participated in stage works directed by Christine Bayle, Béatrice Massin, Cécile Roussat, Hubert Hazebroucq a.o., under musical direction of John Eliot Gardiner, Vincent Dumestre, William Christie, Marc Minkowski and Christophe Rousset. She also worked with theatre regiesseurs such as Benjamin Lazar and Louise Moaty. Since 2006 she was invited to work as a choreographer in different productions in operas and music theatre, a. o. fir Jean-Baptiste Lully’s first Tragédie lyrique „Cadmus et Hermione“ in Pariser Opéra Comique. She is aalso the choreographer of the  Company Les Grands Ecarts from 2007. One of the company’s goals ist o bring dance to unexpected or less usual venues. One of Gudrun’s special interests is also improvisation: thus she regularly works with composers, musicians, acrobats, visual artists and actors. Gudrun is also active as a teacher, working with different groups in contexts of Workshops, Ateliers, and as a guest teacher at different Academies of Dance and Music.

Alberto Arcos (Spain) studied in Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York und Paris and gained an extremely versatile and broad education in different dance styles and acting (Classical ballet, Escuela Bolera, classical ballet, historical and classical Spanish dance, historical dance (Maria-José Ruiz Mayordomo, Lieven Baert and Teresa Alvés), Jazz, Latin and contemporary dance. He works as a dancer, choreograph and actor, among other with dance companies such as Ballet Español de Maria Rosa, Ballet del Teatro Real de Madrid, Esquivel Danza y Música, Ballet Clásico Español de José Luis Moreno, La Lyra Hispana, Ballet Folklórico de Madrid, Compañía de Zarzuela de José Tamayo, Stuttgarter Ballett, and further musicals, TV-series and theatre productions.


Gerrit Berenike Heiter works as an actress, acting pedagogue, theatre- and dance historian, with a specialisation and focus on Commedia dell’arte, baroque theatre and historical dance. She graduated in acting at the Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle in Paris (Carlo Boso and Danuta Zarazik), at Scuola D’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan and at the Studio Internazionale La Cometa in Rome.
Since 2010 she works as a certified acting teacher. She participates in baroque Music- and Theatre Productions, but also contemporary pieces which combine dance, music, Performance and theatre. 
Berenike is an indispensable part of our team, giving the performance the liveliness above just 'pretty movement'.


Philiipp Grässle is our stage magician, transforming common theater stages into magic 18th century theaters with his painted scenery and requisites. 

Philipp studied restauration at the FH Köln, where he got  a specialisation in restauration of paintings and wooden objects. He is working as a freelance restaurator, among others on projects as reastauration of Casino Baden-Baden, Lukas-Moser-Altars in Tiefenbronn and painted tapisery in Grassi Museum Leipzig, and in collaboration with Denkmalamt and Deutschen Stiftung Denkmalschutz.




An art that demonstrates and builds upon the wondrous beauty of the human body, cannot be useless. The art of dance is superb in its beauty - no less ancient, noble, and dignified than those other arts.

Enrico Cecchetti


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